New Year New January!

January is a very limited month to do anything to your landscape. This month is more about researching, debating, and getting ready for the spring. 

What You Can Do Now

There are a couple quick things you can do outside in January. You need to watch your evergreens for signs of dehydration. Just because it is could and it snows, does not mean all plants get the water that they need. Another thing you can do is remove snow from evergreens. This will ensure that no branches break.

Planning Your Fertilization Program 

If you would like to get your soil tested to accurately plan a fertilization program you may send soil samples to the Jefferson County Soil and Water Agency. This is an extension of the University of Kentucky's agriculture program. Once you send it in, you will then receive results on how to go about improving your yard.

What Fertilization Program Does Ken-Mulch Offer?

Here at Ken-Mulch we offer a fantastic 4-step fertilization program that is perfect for any yard. The program we use is GreenView which is a very popular program that promises beautiful results.

It's Never To Early To Start Planning!

It is never to early to start planning out your landscape ideas for the spring. Do some research on what kind of plants you want, whether you want mulch or rock in your garden beds, and how you want everything to lay out. Things change but it is never to early to start researching possible landscaping ideas.

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