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  • Compost | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $38.95 per scoop ​ Compost Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft x 2" Deep Scoop = 1/2 cu yd ​ Local straw based horse bedding material is used to produce this biologically active, nutrient rich compost, making this a premium soil amendment and turf dressing. Because of the process that is used to produce our compost it is weed and pathogen free.

  • Natural Stone Hardscape | Ken-Mulch

    Natural Stone Hardscapes For YOUR home project, a multitude of Natural Stone Hardscapes are available. Stop in today to view entire catalog of flagstone, pavers, retaining walls, patio stone, edging and many other products. Tennessee Sandstone Tennessee Grey Penn Blue KY Creek Rock Gold Quartz IN Flagstone

  • CONTACT US | Ken-Mulch

    CONTACT US Proud Member of the Better Business Bureau and the Louisville Independent Business Alliance. HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Closed Saturday & Sunday Phone: (502) 964-7222 2708 Outer Loop Louisville, KY 40219 ​ Email: ​ Share your finished landscape projects with us via Facebook, Instagram or upload them below! ​ ​ Facebook: KenMulch1 Instagram: kenmulch ​ We accept payment via card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover), Checks and Cash. ​ Come see us today! Upload Photos Max File Size 15MB If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks! Message sent. Send Give Us Your Feedback! Rate Us Poor Fair Good Very good Excellent Rate Us Send Feedback Thanks for submitting!

  • August Blog | Ken-Mulch

    Ugh It's August August is usually associated with one thing and one thing only. It is time to go back to school. This is not only a bummer for the kids but is also a bummer for the parents. This can be a tough period to find time to maintain your landscaping so here are some extremely simple but important tasks to do in August. Remove the Dead Stuff During the hot summer/early fall months, you need to remove all dead and discolored blooms or leaves from your plants. This helps your plant by restarting the blooming process. Plants need to restart and recharge. This task is simple and can be done very quickly. Keep Remove Time to Start Planting Fall Foods! It is time to start planting/thinking about what fruits and veggies you would like for the fall. This task can be as simple or as hard as you make it out to be. Your garden can be as simple as one plant in a small pot or you could turn half of your backyard into a garden. Either way, you are doing great! Plant, watch them grow and soon you will be able to enjoy! ​ The diagram shows a list of best fruits and veggies to plant in the fall! Water!!! Ken-Mulch cannot stress this enough. Even though your lives are going to be busier, you still need to find time to water those plants and the lawn. Watering once or even twice a day is such a simple task but not a lot of people do it. No one likes dead grass or dead plants! It will only cost you more money in the long run if you do not water! KEEP ON WATERIN'

  • September Suggestions | Landscape Materials | Ken-Mulch | Louisville

    September Suggestions Now that we are near the end of the summer season, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for this amazing weather we are about to have. September is all about renovating your lawn before winter, cutting back shrubs, dividing and transplanting perennials, bringing in houseplants and preparing your ground for late season planting. Renovating the Lawn Some of the worst times can be when you have no idea why your lawn looks so bad! This time of year is the perfect time to fix that. Here are a couple pointers to help rejuvenate your lawn. Dethatch: Dethatching the lawn will keep your lawn happy and healthy. Think of it as losing a little bit of weight during the winter, so you can be nice and skinny for the spring. Reseed: Reseeding your lawn in the fall has many benefits. Good seed-to-soil contact happens through natural moisture and frost that only occur in late fall and winter. It also repairs the wear and tear of a hot and dry summer. Top 3 Grass Seed for Fall KY-31 KY Bluegrass Creeping Red Fescue Fertilize: The fall is the most important time of year to fertilize your lawn. The reason why is because the morning dew is a natural moisture that helps the fertilizer absorb into your lawn. This process is essential for a bright green lawn for the spring. Cutting, Removing, Reusing for Fall Don't worry, this will be the last time this year that you will be cutting back any shrubs or plants! You will also need to divide and transplant your perennials! Shaping the Shrubs Shaping shrubs for the fall is like shaving before no-shave November . It will be the last time for a while that they will be trimmed so make sure they are nice and pretty! Before Trim After Trim Divide and Transplant Perennials Dividing and Transplanting your perennials can be a tricky task. Here are the three simple steps to ensure you do not kill and replant your beautiful perennials! Dig Them Up: It is essential that when you start this process that you do not kill the plant before dividing it or replanting it. When digging, try to not destroy the root system of the plant. Dig a wide enough area around the plant to make sure you do not damage the roots. Divide one, into many: Transplant: Transplant is just a fancy word for replanting! Enjoy your new perennials without even having to spend money! Dividing your perennials is the trickiest part. Once you have dug up your plant, shake the soil off of the roots, then start splitting the plant up. You can use a knife, shovel, or your hands. Try to keep the root system intact! Bring in those Houseplants! Most house plants will die if you don't bring them in on chilly September nights so make sure to bring in your colorful houseplants soon! If you see any plants that look like yours, BRING THEM INSIDE! Preparing Your Ground for Late Season Planting Preparing your soil for late season planting can be done in 3 simple steps: Till that ground up! Feed your soil! Water like you don't have a water bill! Till it up! Tilling your land is no fun task but by breaking up the soil, it will make planting easier, it will make your ground healthier, and it will allow new nutrients to integrate into the ground. Feed Your Soil! Feeding your soil is essential during the fall because of the natural moisture that the fall season brings. Using organic fertilizers like Okolona Mix, Pine Fines and/or Compost can be great for your soil during this time of year. Ken-Mulch Organic Fertilizer Pine Fines $50.95 per scoop ​ Okolona Mix $42.95 per scoop ​ Compost $38.95 per scoop Water! Water! Water! For some reason, people think that you can stop watering after the summer. This is wrong! You still need to water your soil and plants during the fall so that they can stay healthy!

  • Top Soil | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $34.95 per scoop ​ Top Soil Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft x 2" Deep Scoop = 1/2 cu yd ​ Our Top Soil is screened, filtered and pulverized for a great product for land leveling and filling in low spots in yards and landscape. No sand or compost is added to our virgin Top Soil.

  • Maylen Black | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $140 per scoop ​ Maylen Black ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Maylen Black is a beautiful black rock that glimmers in the sun and looks gorgeous in landscapes.

  • #3 | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $29.95 per scoop ​ #3 ​ Coverage per scoop: 55 sq ft Scoop is 1/2 cu yd and approx. 1,300 lbs ​ #3 is a crushed limestone aggregate used in driveways, pathways, drainage and hardscapes.

  • GARDEN CENTER | Ken-Mulch

    GARDEN CENTER Stop in today to pick up your Landscape Materials or Call to set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Our Garden Center has all YOUR products to enhance your Lawn, Garden or Lawn. From Grass Seed to Fertilizers, our knowledgable staff is here to help you with your questions. Click for More Info GRASS SEED Click for More Info LANDSCAPE FABRIC Click for More Info CHEMICALS Click for More Info LANDSCAPE EDGING

  • Sand | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $44.95 per scoop ​ Sand Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft x 2" Deep Scoop is 1/2 cu yd and approx. 1,620 lbs ​ Compaction and mortar sand mix. Used for hardscapes, under pools, and many other functions.

  • October Blog | Ken-Mulch

    Spooky October Ideas October is a very confusing time for all of us. Especially, here in Kentuckiana. Do you ever get the feeling that the weather is very bipolar this time of year? One minute, it is 97 and sunny and the next it is 30 and freezing raining. That is why Ken-Mulch is here to help you through this confusing time! We have the luxury of going inside, but our plants unfortunately do not. This month we will be learning about how to save our plants during this complicated time of the year! Mulch, Mulch, and More Mulch Not a lot of people know that you are supposed to re-mulch your gardens in late fall. Do you wear sweaters when you are cold? Do you wear long pants in the cold? Does your house have insulation? Plants need the same thing!!! Mulch and rock are a natural insulation system for your plants during the winter. Pine Fines Pine Fines are a perfect option to protect your gardens during the winter. Pine Fines not only look great in your garden beds, but they also provide a natural nutrients for your soil when spring rolls around. Compost Compost is also a good option to put down into your garden in the winter. It provides a natural fertilizer for your soil and plants. What Am I Supposed To Plant? There is some sort of myth that planting in the fall is a bad idea. This is a myth. Late fall planting is actually a wonderful idea! The cooler weather and natural dew make for perfect conditions for a new plant to get settled in before winter. SPRING BULB SEASON It is time! Spring bulb's should be planted by this time. Spring bulbs include: Tulips, Daffodils, Iris's Planting Trees in the Fall Planting Trees in the fall has all sorts of benefits. Some of those benefits include cooler temperatures and fall rain will enhance the growth of your tree. It helps the growth of the roots and the healthiness of your soil. Use Fall Fertilizer Ken-Mulch offers the GreenView Fall Fertilizer that is specifically designed to use in the Fall. This specific fertilizer is great for grass because it establishes the grasses roots and prepares grass for winter stress. Please bring in your house plants! This is the last time I am going to say this for the year. Your house plants NEED to come inside! They will not survive in the harsh cold winter that we are about to have!

  • December Blog | Ken-Mulch

    December Decisions December is the slow time of year for landscaping. At least for most of us, especially here in Louisville at Ken-Mulch. Cold weather, snow, and sleet really make it hard for anyone to want to be outside working on your landscape. For those somewhat sunny days, here are some tips to keep in mind. We Are Back To Houseplants! If you do not have your houseplants inside by now, they are more than likely dying. Here are some pointers about houseplants that are hopefully already inside your home. Watering Houseplants You do not have to water your houseplants every single day. Depending on size and type of plant, the typical houseplant only needs to be watered every 7-14 days. Sunlight With Houseplants The recommendation for sunlight for most houseplants is 5-6 hours. Putting plants in window sills or near windows with direct sun is very helpful for houseplants. Checking Your Houseplants For Bugs When you bring in houseplants, sometimes you can bring in bugs with them. You want to get rid of these bugs as fast as possible because they can multiply fast in warm environments. The way you can get rid of bugs in houseplants is by spraying organic pest control or spraying water and soap mixture and see if that does the trick. Water Your New Plants! If you planted any new plants in late fall, find a few times a week to water those new plants. Even when it is cold, new plants need to be established and cared for no matter what the weather is like. Keep Raking The Leaves! Try to get the leaves off of the lawn before the snow ends up on top of it. Dead leaves are not good for your lawn and if you can get them up before a big snow comes, it will really help the health of your grass. In the spring, your lawn will love you if you pick up those leaves. We'll See You Next Year!

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