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  • Meramac | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $99 per scoop ​ Meramac ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Meramac is a smooth textured river rock with tan, carmel and brown colors. Its neutral color allows it to blend with most earth tones, and almost any landscape configuration.

  • Large Tennessee Round | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $136 per scoop ​ Large Tennessee Rounds ​ Coverage per scoop: 40 sq ft ​ Large Tennessee Rounds, commonly known as "River Slicks", are a natural earth toned color that are shipped from Tennessee. These are the perfect rocks to paint.


    TOOLS & EQUIPMENT Ken-Mulch is YOUR local supplier for Wolverine Tools and Trenchmaster Bed Edgers. Along with our wide range of Landscape Materialss, Ken-Mulch carries a wide range of additional garden and lawn tools. Click for More Info BED EDGERS Click for More Info WOLVERINE TOOLS Click for More Info GARDEN TOOLS

  • May Blog | Ken-Mulch

    May Mania! May is the month to do everything! Everything that we have talked about up until this point has prepared you for this month. May is the month where spring is ending and summer is beginning! More Mulch! (or Rock) May is the time for more mulch or rock! If you already have rock down, you might want to fill in some low spots. If you have mulch, it is the right time of year to replace it! Benefits to Replacing or Adding - Holds Moisture - Plants are insulated in winter - Keeps roots cool in summer - Looks clean and neat Adding Something New Do you have an area where you just need something to fill that blank void in your yard or landscaping? Ken-Mulch offers a wide variety of special plants. We encourage everyone to try to plant something new and different. Low Maintenance Ideas Are you tired of trimming your plants all of the time? Are you tired of replacing mulch every single year? Here are some low maintenance ideas that will make your landscape look beautiful. Rock Having rock in your landscape beds rather than mulch can be very beneficial and save you money. Many people think that rock does not have the same benefits as mulch does. When in reality, rock and mulch are one in the same. Rock is an economical alternative to mulch. Plants -Hetzi Midget (Pictured) -Ornamental Grass -Miniature Pine Trees -Nandina's -Juniper Shrubs -Day Lily's -Hosta's Check Your Watering Equipment Checking your watering system is essential after winter. Cracked nobs , seals, and leaks will not only be a problem for your plants but will also be a problem for your water bill.

  • Royal Gorge | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $295 per scoop ​ Royal Gorge ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Royal Gorge is a beautiful coral rock that shines in the sunlight.

  • Choco Chips | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $150 per scoop ​ Choco Chips ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ A dark maroon red argillite. Ideal for general landscape applications.

  • Wolverine Tools | Ken-Mulch

    WOLVERINE TOOLS Ken-Mulch is a certified Wolverine dealer and distributor. WD100 29” D-Handle, #2 Round Point WD400 29” D-Handle, 14” Drain Spade WD900 29” D-Handled Shovel W/ Stamped Blade, #2 Round Point, 29” Wood D-Handle WL100 48” Long Handle, #2 Round Point WL400 48” Long Handle, 14” Drain Spade WL900 48” Long Handled Shovel with Stamped Blade, #2 Round Point, 48” Wood Handle WD200 29” D-Handle, #2 Square Point WD800 29” D-Handled Garden Spade, #2 Garden Space, 29” Wood D-Handle, Steel D Grip WL200 48” Long Handle, #2 Square Point WL800 48” Long Handled Garden Spade, #2 Garden Spade, 48” Wood Handle FD100 27” D-Handle, #2 Round Point FL100 48” Long Handle, #2 Round Point FL500 48” Long Handle, #2 Round Point, Closed Back FD200 27” D-Handle, #2 Square Point FD800 29″ Fiberglass D-Handle with comfort grip, steel straight blade, Garden Spade FL200 48” Long Handle, #2 Square Point FD400 27” D-Handle, 14” Drain Spade DH12DP 12" D-Handled Steel Spade FL400 48” Long Handle, 14” Drain Spade DH15DP 15" D-Handled Steel Spade

  • Pine Fines | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $50.95 per scoop ​ Pine Fines (Soil Conditioner) Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft x 2" Deep Scoop = 1/2 cu yd ​ Originating from the mills in the south this product is widely used as a premium soil amendment. Containing all bark with virtually no white wood, pine fines are highly sought after for various growing mediums.

  • Slate | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $125 per scoop ​ Slate ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Slate Chips are beautiful, smooth, dark colored landscaping rock that ranges in size from 1 in. to 2 in.

  • October Blog | Ken-Mulch

    Spooky October Ideas October is a very confusing time for all of us. Especially, here in Kentuckiana. Do you ever get the feeling that the weather is very bipolar this time of year? One minute, it is 97 and sunny and the next it is 30 and freezing raining. That is why Ken-Mulch is here to help you through this confusing time! We have the luxury of going inside, but our plants unfortunately do not. This month we will be learning about how to save our plants during this complicated time of the year! Mulch, Mulch, and More Mulch Not a lot of people know that you are supposed to re-mulch your gardens in late fall. Do you wear sweaters when you are cold? Do you wear long pants in the cold? Does your house have insulation? Plants need the same thing!!! Mulch and rock are a natural insulation system for your plants during the winter. Pine Fines Pine Fines are a perfect option to protect your gardens during the winter. Pine Fines not only look great in your garden beds, but they also provide a natural nutrients for your soil when spring rolls around. Compost Compost is also a good option to put down into your garden in the winter. It provides a natural fertilizer for your soil and plants. What Am I Supposed To Plant? There is some sort of myth that planting in the fall is a bad idea. This is a myth. Late fall planting is actually a wonderful idea! The cooler weather and natural dew make for perfect conditions for a new plant to get settled in before winter. SPRING BULB SEASON It is time! Spring bulb's should be planted by this time. Spring bulbs include: Tulips, Daffodils, Iris's Planting Trees in the Fall Planting Trees in the fall has all sorts of benefits. Some of those benefits include cooler temperatures and fall rain will enhance the growth of your tree. It helps the growth of the roots and the healthiness of your soil. Use Fall Fertilizer Ken-Mulch offers the GreenView Fall Fertilizer that is specifically designed to use in the Fall. This specific fertilizer is great for grass because it establishes the grasses roots and prepares grass for winter stress. Please bring in your house plants! This is the last time I am going to say this for the year. Your house plants NEED to come inside! They will not survive in the harsh cold winter that we are about to have!

  • GARDEN CENTER | Ken-Mulch

    GARDEN CENTER Stop in today to pick up your Landscape Materials or Call to set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Our Garden Center has all YOUR products to enhance your Lawn, Garden or Lawn. From Grass Seed to Fertilizers, our knowledgable staff is here to help you with your questions. Click for More Info GRASS SEED Click for More Info LANDSCAPE FABRIC Click for More Info CHEMICALS Click for More Info LANDSCAPE EDGING

  • August Blog | Ken-Mulch

    Ugh It's August August is usually associated with one thing and one thing only. It is time to go back to school. This is not only a bummer for the kids but is also a bummer for the parents. This can be a tough period to find time to maintain your landscaping so here are some extremely simple but important tasks to do in August. Remove the Dead Stuff During the hot summer/early fall months, you need to remove all dead and discolored blooms or leaves from your plants. This helps your plant by restarting the blooming process. Plants need to restart and recharge. This task is simple and can be done very quickly. Keep Remove Time to Start Planting Fall Foods! It is time to start planting/thinking about what fruits and veggies you would like for the fall. This task can be as simple or as hard as you make it out to be. Your garden can be as simple as one plant in a small pot or you could turn half of your backyard into a garden. Either way, you are doing great! Plant, watch them grow and soon you will be able to enjoy! ​ The diagram shows a list of best fruits and veggies to plant in the fall! Water!!! Ken-Mulch cannot stress this enough. Even though your lives are going to be busier, you still need to find time to water those plants and the lawn. Watering once or even twice a day is such a simple task but not a lot of people do it. No one likes dead grass or dead plants! It will only cost you more money in the long run if you do not water! KEEP ON WATERIN'

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