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  • June Blog | Ken-Mulch

    Welcome to Summer It's summer time! The sun is shining, school is out, and it is time to water those plants! June is the beginning of a dangerous time for plants. Why? Plants can be infested with summer bugs. Plants can also die easily because you may not be watering them enough. In this months blog, I hope we can help you keep all of your plants healthy throughout these hot summer months. Watch Out! The Bugs are Back! Watch out! The bugs are back and they are coming for your plants! There are three bugs that you should be concerned about during the summer months. The June Bug, the Japanese Beetle and the Bagworms. June Bug The June Bug only appears a few weeks per year. It is a small bug, but can do a lot of damage to your plants. They do not bite humans, but they feed on your plants during the night. Although these bugs are nocturnal, they are heavily attracted to light so it would be easy to spot them on your porch at night. ​ To get rid of these pests, it is best to hand pick them and drown them in a bucket of soap and water. Other than that, you can swat them or kill them in any way you deem necessary. Japanese Beetle Japanese Beetles are pack hunters. They travel in very large groups starting in June and prey on your plants all throughout the summer. ​ You will know that your plants are being invaded by Japanese Beetles because they leave holes in the leaves of your plants or you may find a sudden brown patch in your lawn. ​ The easiest way to get rid of these pests are through beetle traps and a chemical called Sevin. You can also hand pick them and drown them in water and soap. Bagworms Bagworms attack both deciduous and evergreens, but their favorite plants are junipers, arborvitaes and pine trees. ​ You can easily spot a bagworm cocoon because it looks like a pine cone. Unless it is on a pine tree, you would know that this particular object is not supposed to be on your plant. ​ You can get rid of bagworms by simply cutting the cocoon off of your plant or you can spray the plant or tree with a bagworm repellent. The best time to spray is in June because the bagworms are small and vulnerable. Get Rid of Those Weeds! This time of year the weeds are spreading like wildfire. You need to keep up with your landscaping and lawn if you want it to be clean. Make sure that you pull the entire weed out, including the roots. Weed Preventers -Preen Garden Weed Preventer -RoundUp Spray Weed Preventer -Bonide Spray Weed Killer Water Them Plants!!! Your kids need water to live every day, so do your plants! This time of year it is best to water your plants twice a day. Once in the early morning and once in the evening when the sun is starting to go down.

  • Sand | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $44.95 per scoop ​ Sand Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft x 2" Deep Scoop is 1/2 cu yd and approx. 1,620 lbs ​ Compaction and mortar sand mix. Used for hardscapes, under pools, and many other functions.

  • October Blog | Ken-Mulch

    Spooky October Ideas October is a very confusing time for all of us. Especially, here in Kentuckiana. Do you ever get the feeling that the weather is very bipolar this time of year? One minute, it is 97 and sunny and the next it is 30 and freezing raining. That is why Ken-Mulch is here to help you through this confusing time! We have the luxury of going inside, but our plants unfortunately do not. This month we will be learning about how to save our plants during this complicated time of the year! Mulch, Mulch, and More Mulch Not a lot of people know that you are supposed to re-mulch your gardens in late fall. Do you wear sweaters when you are cold? Do you wear long pants in the cold? Does your house have insulation? Plants need the same thing!!! Mulch and rock are a natural insulation system for your plants during the winter. Pine Fines Pine Fines are a perfect option to protect your gardens during the winter. Pine Fines not only look great in your garden beds, but they also provide a natural nutrients for your soil when spring rolls around. Compost Compost is also a good option to put down into your garden in the winter. It provides a natural fertilizer for your soil and plants. What Am I Supposed To Plant? There is some sort of myth that planting in the fall is a bad idea. This is a myth. Late fall planting is actually a wonderful idea! The cooler weather and natural dew make for perfect conditions for a new plant to get settled in before winter. SPRING BULB SEASON It is time! Spring bulb's should be planted by this time. Spring bulbs include: Tulips, Daffodils, Iris's Planting Trees in the Fall Planting Trees in the fall has all sorts of benefits. Some of those benefits include cooler temperatures and fall rain will enhance the growth of your tree. It helps the growth of the roots and the healthiness of your soil. Use Fall Fertilizer Ken-Mulch offers the GreenView Fall Fertilizer that is specifically designed to use in the Fall. This specific fertilizer is great for grass because it establishes the grasses roots and prepares grass for winter stress. Please bring in your house plants! This is the last time I am going to say this for the year. Your house plants NEED to come inside! They will not survive in the harsh cold winter that we are about to have!

  • December Blog | Ken-Mulch

    December Decisions December is the slow time of year for landscaping. At least for most of us, especially here in Louisville at Ken-Mulch. Cold weather, snow, and sleet really make it hard for anyone to want to be outside working on your landscape. For those somewhat sunny days, here are some tips to keep in mind. We Are Back To Houseplants! If you do not have your houseplants inside by now, they are more than likely dying. Here are some pointers about houseplants that are hopefully already inside your home. Watering Houseplants You do not have to water your houseplants every single day. Depending on size and type of plant, the typical houseplant only needs to be watered every 7-14 days. Sunlight With Houseplants The recommendation for sunlight for most houseplants is 5-6 hours. Putting plants in window sills or near windows with direct sun is very helpful for houseplants. Checking Your Houseplants For Bugs When you bring in houseplants, sometimes you can bring in bugs with them. You want to get rid of these bugs as fast as possible because they can multiply fast in warm environments. The way you can get rid of bugs in houseplants is by spraying organic pest control or spraying water and soap mixture and see if that does the trick. Water Your New Plants! If you planted any new plants in late fall, find a few times a week to water those new plants. Even when it is cold, new plants need to be established and cared for no matter what the weather is like. Keep Raking The Leaves! Try to get the leaves off of the lawn before the snow ends up on top of it. Dead leaves are not good for your lawn and if you can get them up before a big snow comes, it will really help the health of your grass. In the spring, your lawn will love you if you pick up those leaves. We'll See You Next Year!

  • Meramac | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $99 per scoop ​ Meramac ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Meramac is a smooth textured river rock with tan, carmel and brown colors. Its neutral color allows it to blend with most earth tones, and almost any landscape configuration.

  • Stones and Boulders | Ken-Mulch

    Stones and Boulders For YOUR home project, a multitude of stones and boulders are available. Stop in today to view our entire stock of boulders and stones. Field Stone KY Creek Rock Lava Boulders Ore Stones Cobblestone Limestone

  • April Blog | Ken-Mulch

    April Anticipation! April is by far, one of the best months of the year. Not only does the weather start to change, but spring break is coming! Everyone needs a break. Some may be on the beach for this break, but others can be outside improving their landscape for the rest of the season. Pull Them Weeds Out Of Your Landscape! Once winter is FINALLY over, pull those weeds out as soon as you can! The earlier in the season that you can control your weed problems, the earlier your weed problems will go away! ​ The proper way to get rid of weed problems is to remove the entire weed, including the roots out of the ground. After you are done pulling everything out of the ground, put down weed preventer. Preen Weed Preventer guarantees up to 3 months of weed free landscaping! Starting Spring Fertilizers Is your grass looking a little sad? Is the grass a little bit more brown than usual? Are your flowers looking like they need a boost? Maybe you should start using some fertilizer! The best time to start spring fertilizers is when the temperature starts to be consistently above 55 degrees. This allows the soil to dampen with enough moisture and allows the fertilizer to activate. Flower/Plant Fertilizers -Monty's Growth -Plant-Tone -Holly-Tone -Wide Range of Espoma Products Grass Fertilizers - GreenView Lawn Fertilizer - 10-10-10 Fertilizer - Lime - Gypsum Starting Your Garden April is the perfect time to start your gardens for the spring. With the warmer weather and rainfall coming, it is a great time to start planting and growing your spring time vegetables. ​ If you plan on building vegetable boxes or if you need to put down some new soil, Ken-Mulch offers a perfect gardening soil called Okolona Mix. It is a combination of Topsoil, Sand, Compost and Pine Fines. Vegetables to Plant in Spring -Broccoli -Lettuce -Potatoes -Kale -Onions -Carrots -Beets -Spinach Time to Start Watering Again! Time to bring out the hoses and sprinklers and start watering again! Early spring watering benefits your lawn and plants.

  • Wolverine Tools | Ken-Mulch

    WOLVERINE TOOLS Ken-Mulch is a certified Wolverine dealer and distributor. WD100 29” D-Handle, #2 Round Point WD400 29” D-Handle, 14” Drain Spade WD900 29” D-Handled Shovel W/ Stamped Blade, #2 Round Point, 29” Wood D-Handle WL100 48” Long Handle, #2 Round Point WL400 48” Long Handle, 14” Drain Spade WL900 48” Long Handled Shovel with Stamped Blade, #2 Round Point, 48” Wood Handle WD200 29” D-Handle, #2 Square Point WD800 29” D-Handled Garden Spade, #2 Garden Space, 29” Wood D-Handle, Steel D Grip WL200 48” Long Handle, #2 Square Point WL800 48” Long Handled Garden Spade, #2 Garden Spade, 48” Wood Handle FD100 27” D-Handle, #2 Round Point FL100 48” Long Handle, #2 Round Point FL500 48” Long Handle, #2 Round Point, Closed Back FD200 27” D-Handle, #2 Square Point FD800 29″ Fiberglass D-Handle with comfort grip, steel straight blade, Garden Spade FL200 48” Long Handle, #2 Square Point FD400 27” D-Handle, 14” Drain Spade DH12DP 12" D-Handled Steel Spade FL400 48” Long Handle, 14” Drain Spade DH15DP 15" D-Handled Steel Spade

  • NURSERY STOCK | Ken-Mulch

    NURSERY STOCK Stop in today to pick up your Landscape Materials or Call to set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Ken-Mulch is YOUR headquarters for ALL your landscaping needs. This includes two greenhouses stocked with fresh plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. Our Nursery Stock is replenished frequently to offer a wide variety of annuals, perennials, evergreens and deciduous plants.

  • Mexican Beach Pebble | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $693 per scoop ​ Mexican Beach Pebble ​ Coverage per Scoop: 40-50 sq ft Picked from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Mexican Beach Pebble is the finest and smoothest landscape rock. ​

  • Pea Gravel | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $44.95 per scoop ​ Pea Gravel ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep Scoop is 1/2 cu yd and approx. 1,460 lbs ​ Pea Gravel is perfect for driveways, walkways, around fire pits and in landscaping. Its round shape makes it very smooth.

  • Red Lava | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $145 per scoop ​ Red Lava ​ Coverage per scoop: 65 sq ft 2" deep ​ Our "Lava Rock" is a gorgeous lightweight rock that is commonly used in flowerbeds.

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