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  • November Blog | Ken-Mulch

    It's November We all know what that means... Now starts the cold holiday season here at Ken-Mulch! It is not quite Christmas yet, but that does not mean you do not have to work on your lawn and garden! Keeping Your Grass Healthy Raking leaves over and over can be tedious and annoying, but if you want to keep your grass healthy throughout the late fall and winter season; rake up those leaves!!! Fallen leaves are not good for your grass, so if you would like your grass to be green and healthy in the spring, Ken-Mulch suggests raking and throwing out the fallen leaves. If You Decide to Plant Something New If you do decide to plant anything new in the month of November, here are some helpful tips that will ensure that your plants, trees, and shrubs will survive through the winter. Insulating Your Plants During the cold winter months, insulating your plants with mulch or rock is a must to keep your trees, plants and shrubs alive. Wrapping Your Trees Wrapping your trees is essential during the winter. Wrapping your trees protects it from deer rubs and frost cracking which could totally ruin your trees trunk. Going out and buying a roll of burlap and spraying the trunk with anti- desiccant spray can make a huge difference. You Still Have To Water, But Be Careful! Even though it is cold, you still need to water your plants a little bit. After you water though, make sure all of the water in the hose is gone to prevent water freezing and ruining your hose. Trim, Trim, Trim! November is the perfect time to cut everything back for next spring. Things you need to cut back this time of year are roses, perennials and shrubs that have gone wild. Clean Your Tools! Cleaning and oiling your tools can help you in many ways. It can save you a whole lot of money because if you clean your tools, you will not have to worry about the tools rusting or cracking during the winter. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • July Blog | Ken-Mulch

    IT IS JULY! Welcome back everyone for this month's blog! It just keeps getting warmer and warmer, so I hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated. Speaking of hydration... YOUR PLANTS NEED WATER! Don't you get thirsty on a hot summer day? Well, surprise! Your plants are as well. Harvest Daily Harvest like you have no food in the house! It can be very difficult to judge when to pick those fruits and veggies in the summer. Some helpful advice would be to pick earlier rather than later. Some foods such as cucumbers, green beans, zucchini , and eggplants often taste better when you pick them earlier. Give Me the Mulch! Ken-Mulch sounds like a broken record when we say you need even MORE mulch but you need some more mulch. Summer is a crucial time for re-mulching. This may be confusing because we use mulch in the winter for warming purposes, but in the summer we use it for moisture purposes. Mulch holds water which keeps the plants cool and hydrated. More mulch also means less weeds and lets face it, no one wants to get down on their knees in the blazing hot sun. Get Rid of the BUGS! Here are some helpful tips to get rid of those annoying bugs! ​ Get a ceiling fan or fan for outdoors. Invest in a bird bath. Remove all litter from house and yard. Remove all bodies of water in your yard and house. Use Frog tape to seal small cracks so bugs cannot get into your house. Take a Look Around the Neighborhood Sometimes it is okay to cheat off of someone else. On a nice cool, summer evening, go take a walk or drive around your neighborhood . A lot of people will have their landscaping looking flawless before their 4th of July parties. This is the perfect time to go out and steal some ideas. Do not be ashamed about it!

  • Pea Gravel | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $44.95 per scoop ​ Pea Gravel ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep Scoop is 1/2 cu yd and approx. 1,460 lbs ​ Pea Gravel is perfect for driveways, walkways, around fire pits and in landscaping. Its round shape makes it very smooth.

  • Kroger | Ken-Mulch

    HOME PRODUCTS CONTACT US ABOUT US BLOG SEARCH More... Kroger Deal This Months Deal This months deal is a 10% off entire purchase with mention of this add. ​ Not valid with other discounts.

  • ABOUT US | Ken-Mulch

    ABOUT US Ross Smallwood loads a Model-T. Grandma Morrison during the early freeze of 1986. Back in 1975, David and Mary Lou Smallwood opened up the first retail landscape business in the Kentuckiana area. Ken-Mulch has been a family owned and operated business for over 40 years. Ken-Mulch is the original "bulk-mulch" company in Louisville. ​ For the past 45 years, Ken-Mulch has always put the customer first. Your happiness is our priority. During the 1980's, Ken-Mulch sees great expansion.

  • Top Soil | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $34.95 per scoop ​ Top Soil Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft x 2" Deep Scoop = 1/2 cu yd ​ Our Top Soil is screened, filtered and pulverized for a great product for land leveling and filling in low spots in yards and landscape. No sand or compost is added to our virgin Top Soil.

  • Ken-Mulch | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $80 per scoop ​ Ken-Mulch ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Ken-Mulch is a decorative lightweight rock with a beautiful rustic color. Also, known locally as Solite, Ken-Lite or Groundcover.

  • Landscape Edging | Ken-Mulch

    Landscape Edging Stop in today to shop our selection of Landscape Edging Call today and set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Ken-Mulch offers various types of edging for your landscaping needs. Flex Edging OlyOla flex edging is perfect for bending and turning in walkways, garden beds, and paving stones. Ridged Edging OlyOla ridged edging is perfect for straight line landscaping. Very durable and long lasting for paving stones, garden beds, and walkways. Black Edging Black Edging is perfect for residential and commercial projects. This product is very durable and flexible for all sorts of landscaping needs. Steel Edging Steel edging is an ideal landscape edging for long lasting durability which is perfect for commercial or residential projects.

  • Stones and Boulders | Ken-Mulch

    Stones and Boulders For YOUR home project, a multitude of stones and boulders are available. Stop in today to view our entire stock of boulders and stones. Field Stone KY Creek Rock Lava Boulders Ore Stones Cobblestone Limestone

  • Brick Chips | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $115 per scoop ​ Brick Chips ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Long-lasting, colorfast crushed Brick Chips are perfect for use in low-maintenance landscaping.

  • Precast Hardscapes | Ken-Mulch

    PRECAST HARDSCAPES For YOUR home project, a multitude of Precast Hardscapes are available. Stop in today to view entire catalog of pavers, retaining walls, patio stone, edging and many other products. Rosetta Fire Pit The round Belvedere Fire Pit Kit balances modern convenience and rustic appearance. Manufactured of wetcast concrete, the texture on the blocks replicates weathered fieldstone but the details, including a cap around the edge, create a finished look for the whole family to circle around. Rosetta Fire Pit With big, bold blocks that mirror snapped limestone, the Kodah Fire Pit Kit creates a modern, square fire pit that has a natural warmth. Unlike contemporary metal designs, the wetcast concrete captures the essence of natural stone and creates the warmth you want in your backyard. Superior Steppers • 8 different shapes for a rustic, authentic stone appearance • Superior Steppers are +/- 27” x 21” wide, with a consistent 2” rise • Various color offerings compliment your existing backyard environment Grand Flagstone With irregular, natural stone shapes, Grand Flagstone slabs will fit like perfect puzzle pieces into your landscaping vision. Your patio or path will blend right in with the great outdoors. Plus, made of wetcast concrete, these pavers and slabs are as durable as they are timeless.

  • LANDSCAPE ROCK | Ken-Mulch

    Landscape Rock Stop in today to pick up your Landscape Materials or Call to set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Click for More Info MEXICAN BEACH PEBBLE Click for More Info ROYAL GORGE Click for More Info PEACH PEBBLES Click for More Info LARGE PEACH PEBBLES Click for More Info ALABAMA SUNSET Click for More Info CHOCO CHIPS Click for More Info BLACK LAVA Click for More Info RED LAVA Click for More Info MAYLEN BLACK Click for More Info SMALL TENNESSEE ROUNDS Click for More Info LARGE TENNESSEE ROUNDS Click for More Info ZEBRA ROCK Click for More Info SLATE Click for More Info ROSE GRANITE Click for More Info BRICK CHIPS Click for More Info MERAMAC Click for More Info KEN-MULCH Click for More Info MINI PEA GRAVEL Click for More Info PEA GRAVEL Click for More Info RIVER GRAVEL Click for More Info OVERSIZE GRAVEL

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