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    Stones and Boulders For YOUR home project, a multitude of stones and boulders are available. Stop in today to view our entire stock of boulders and stones. Field Stone Lava Boulders Ore Stones KY Creek Rock Cobblestone Limestone

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    Landscape Fabric Stop in today to shop our selection of Landscape Fabric Call today and set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Ken-Mulch has Landscape Fabric for YOUR residential or commercial landscaping needs. Landscape Fabric Multiple landscape fabrics in residential and commercial sizes. Landscape fabric helps control weeds, soil erosion and moisture . Frost Blanket Frost Blankets will keep your plants safe from frost damage when the temperature drops below freezing. Burlap Burlap can be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects.

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    Price: $197 per scoop ​ ​ Canadian White Marble ​ Coverage per Scoop: 80 sq ft 2 inches deep ​ Our beautiful White Marble glistens in the sunlight and is shipped from Canada. ​

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    May Mania! May is the month to do everything! Everything that we have talked about up until this point has prepared you for this month. May is the month where spring is ending and summer is beginning! More Mulch! (or Rock) May is the time for more mulch or rock! If you already have rock down, you might want to fill in some low spots. If you have mulch, it is the right time of year to replace it! Benefits to Replacing or Adding - Holds Moisture - Plants are insulated in winter - Keeps roots cool in summer - Looks clean and neat Adding Something New Do you have an area where you just need something to fill that blank void in your yard or landscaping? Ken-Mulch offers a wide variety of special plants. We encourage everyone to try to plant something new and different. Low Maintenance Ideas Are you tired of trimming your plants all of the time? Are you tired of replacing mulch every single year? Here are some low maintenance ideas that will make your landscape look beautiful. Rock Having rock in your landscape beds rather than mulch can be very beneficial and save you money. Many people think that rock does not have the same benefits as mulch does. When in reality, rock and mulch are one in the same. Rock is an economical alternative to mulch. Plants -Hetzi Midget (Pictured) -Ornamental Grass -Miniature Pine Trees -Nandina's -Juniper Shrubs -Day Lily's -Hosta's Check Your Watering Equipment Checking your watering system is essential after winter. Cracked nobs , seals, and leaks will not only be a problem for your plants but will also be a problem for your water bill.

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    Price: $135 per scoop ​ Choco Chips ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ A dark maroon red argillite. Ideal for general landscape applications.

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    September Suggestions Now that we are near the end of the summer season, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get ready for this amazing weather we are about to have. September is all about renovating your lawn before winter, cutting back shrubs, dividing and transplanting perennials, bringing in houseplants and preparing your ground for late season planting. Renovating the Lawn Some of the worst times can be when you have no idea why your lawn looks so bad! This time of year is the perfect time to fix that. Here are a couple pointers to help rejuvenate your lawn. Dethatch: Dethatching the lawn will keep your lawn happy and healthy. Think of it as losing a little bit of weight during the winter, so you can be nice and skinny for the spring. Reseed: Reseeding your lawn in the fall has many benefits. Good seed-to-soil contact happens through natural moisture and frost that only occur in late fall and winter. It also repairs the wear and tear of a hot and dry summer. Top 3 Grass Seed for Fall KY-31 KY Bluegrass Creeping Red Fescue Fertilize: The fall is the most important time of year to fertilize your lawn. The reason why is because the morning dew is a natural moisture that helps the fertilizer absorb into your lawn. This process is essential for a bright green lawn for the spring. Cutting, Removing, Reusing for Fall Don't worry, this will be the last time this year that you will be cutting back any shrubs or plants! You will also need to divide and transplant your perennials! Shaping the Shrubs Shaping shrubs for the fall is like shaving before no-shave November . It will be the last time for a while that they will be trimmed so make sure they are nice and pretty! Before Trim After Trim Divide and Transplant Perennials Dividing and Transplanting your perennials can be a tricky task. Here are the three simple steps to ensure you do not kill and replant your beautiful perennials! Dig Them Up: It is essential that when you start this process that you do not kill the plant before dividing it or replanting it. When digging, try to not destroy the root system of the plant. Dig a wide enough area around the plant to make sure you do not damage the roots. Divide one, into many: Transplant: Transplant is just a fancy word for replanting! Enjoy your new perennials without even having to spend money! Dividing your perennials is the trickiest part. Once you have dug up your plant, shake the soil off of the roots, then start splitting the plant up. You can use a knife, shovel, or your hands. Try to keep the root system intact! Bring in those Houseplants! Most house plants will die if you don't bring them in on chilly September nights so make sure to bring in your colorful houseplants soon! If you see any plants that look like yours, BRING THEM INSIDE! Preparing Your Ground for Late Season Planting Preparing your soil for late season planting can be done in 3 simple steps: Till that ground up! Feed your soil! Water like you don't have a water bill! Till it up! Tilling your land is no fun task but by breaking up the soil, it will make planting easier, it will make your ground healthier, and it will allow new nutrients to integrate into the ground. Feed Your Soil! Feeding your soil is essential during the fall because of the natural moisture that the fall season brings. Using organic fertilizers like Okolona Mix, Pine Fines and/or Compost can be great for your soil during this time of year. Ken-Mulch Organic Fertilizer Pine Fines $34.95 per scoop ​ Okolona Mix $32.95 per scoop ​ Compost $34.95 per scoop Water! Water! Water! For some reason, people think that you can stop watering after the summer. This is wrong! You still need to water your soil and plants during the fall so that they can stay healthy!

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    Price: $27.95 per scoop ​ Oversize Gravel ​ Coverage per scoop: 55 sq ft 2" deep Scoop is 1/2 cu yd and approx. 1,450 lbs ​ Oversize rock is a larger multi-color landscaping rock.

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    Welcome to Summer It's summer time! The sun is shining, school is out, and it is time to water those plants! June is the beginning of a dangerous time for plants. Why? Plants can be infested with summer bugs. Plants can also die easily because you may not be watering them enough. In this months blog, I hope we can help you keep all of your plants healthy throughout these hot summer months. Watch Out! The Bugs are Back! Watch out! The bugs are back and they are coming for your plants! There are three bugs that you should be concerned about during the summer months. The June Bug, the Japanese Beetle and the Bagworms. June Bug The June Bug only appears a few weeks per year. It is a small bug, but can do a lot of damage to your plants. They do not bite humans, but they feed on your plants during the night. Although these bugs are nocturnal, they are heavily attracted to light so it would be easy to spot them on your porch at night. ​ To get rid of these pests, it is best to hand pick them and drown them in a bucket of soap and water. Other than that, you can swat them or kill them in any way you deem necessary. Japanese Beetle Japanese Beetles are pack hunters. They travel in very large groups starting in June and prey on your plants all throughout the summer. ​ You will know that your plants are being invaded by Japanese Beetles because they leave holes in the leaves of your plants or you may find a sudden brown patch in your lawn. ​ The easiest way to get rid of these pests are through beetle traps and a chemical called Sevin. You can also hand pick them and drown them in water and soap. Bagworms Bagworms attack both deciduous and evergreens, but their favorite plants are junipers, arborvitaes and pine trees. ​ You can easily spot a bagworm cocoon because it looks like a pine cone. Unless it is on a pine tree, you would know that this particular object is not supposed to be on your plant. ​ You can get rid of bagworms by simply cutting the cocoon off of your plant or you can spray the plant or tree with a bagworm repellent. The best time to spray is in June because the bagworms are small and vulnerable. Get Rid of Those Weeds! This time of year the weeds are spreading like wildfire. You need to keep up with your landscaping and lawn if you want it to be clean. Make sure that you pull the entire weed out, including the roots. Weed Preventers -Preen Garden Weed Preventer -RoundUp Spray Weed Preventer -Bonide Spray Weed Killer Water Them Plants!!! Your kids need water to live every day, so do your plants! This time of year it is best to water your plants twice a day. Once in the early morning and once in the evening when the sun is starting to go down.

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    GRAVEL Stop in today to pick up your Landscape Materials or Call to set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Click for More Info #9's Click for More Info #57's Click for More Info DENSE GRADE Click for More Info #3's Click for More Info FINES Click for More Info OVERSIZE GRAVEL Click for More Info RIVER GRAVEL Click for More Info PEA GRAVEL Click for More Info MINI PEA GRAVEL

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    Price: $27.95 per scoop ​ #3 ​ Coverage per scoop: 55 sq ft Scoop is 1/2 cu yd and approx. 1,195 lbs ​ #3 is a crushed limestone aggregate used in driveways, pathways, drainage and hardscapes.