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    Price: $34.95 per scoop ​ Compost Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft x 2" Deep Scoop = 1/2 cu yd ​ Local straw based horse bedding material is used to produce this biologically active, nutrient rich compost, making this a premium soil amendment and turf dressing. Because of the process that is used to produce our compost it is weed and pathogen free.

  • August Blog | Ken-Mulch

    Ugh It's August August is usually associated with one thing and one thing only. It is time to go back to school. This is not only a bummer for the kids but is also a bummer for the parents. This can be a tough period to find time to maintain your landscaping so here are some extremely simple but important tasks to do in August. Remove the Dead Stuff During the hot summer/early fall months, you need to remove all dead and discolored blooms or leaves from your plants. This helps your plant by restarting the blooming process. Plants need to restart and recharge. This task is simple and can be done very quickly. Keep Remove Time to Start Planting Fall Foods! It is time to start planting/thinking about what fruits and veggies you would like for the fall. This task can be as simple or as hard as you make it out to be. Your garden can be as simple as one plant in a small pot or you could turn half of your backyard into a garden. Either way, you are doing great! Plant, watch them grow and soon you will be able to enjoy! ​ The diagram shows a list of best fruits and veggies to plant in the fall! Water!!! Ken-Mulch cannot stress this enough. Even though your lives are going to be busier, you still need to find time to water those plants and the lawn. Watering once or even twice a day is such a simple task but not a lot of people do it. No one likes dead grass or dead plants! It will only cost you more money in the long run if you do not water! KEEP ON WATERIN'

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    CHEMICALS Stop in today or call with any questions regarding your Chemical needs. (502) 964-7222 Ken-Mulch is here for ALL your Lawn, Garden and Landscape needs. With a wide range of fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and pesticides, Ken-Mulch is YOUR location to beautify your lawn, garden and landscape. Ken-Mulch carries Organic, Hi-Yield, Monty's, Gro-Fine, Copperas, Scotts, Ortho, Miracle Gro, Ferti-Lome, Round-Up, Preen, Espoma and Burgess along with many others!

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    MULCH & SOILS Stop in today to pick up your Landscape Materials or Call to set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Click for More Info Dark Mulch Click for More Info Black Mulch Click for More Info Kids Carpet Click for More Info Top Soil Click for More Info Okolona Mix Click for More Info Compost Click for More Info Pine Fines Click for More Info Sand

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    It's February! February is the month not only to show love to your favorite people, it is also time to show some love to your plants as well! Soon enough we will be able to take off those cold winter jackets and enjoy those 65 and sunny days. Until then, here are some things you can do in the month of February for your landscaping. Time to Prune Trees! Pruning Trees can be difficult and annoying but it is essential for the health and growth of your tree. We are going to talk about how to trim simple trees and how to avoid making any mistakes. The number one thing that you DO NOT want to do when pruning your tree is to top the tree. ​ Crossing branches, hanging limbs, branches that are close together, stubs, and sucker growth are all things that you need to get rid of before spring time to ensure a healthy tree. Time to Order Seed! It may not be time to order for some people, but it is at least a good time to start thinking about what kind of seed and plants you want to order for the spring. Best Veggie Seeds for Early Spring Potatoes Radishes Beets Turnips Swiss Chard Salad Greens Cabbage Best Grass Seed for Early Spring Falcon V (Best Overall) KY-31 (Best for sun) Contractors Mix (Best for Overall) Creeping Red Fescue (Best for shade)

  • November Blog | Ken-Mulch

    It's November We all know what that means... Now starts the cold holiday season here at Ken-Mulch! It is not quite Christmas yet, but that does not mean you do not have to work on your lawn and garden! Keeping Your Grass Healthy Raking leaves over and over can be tedious and annoying, but if you want to keep your grass healthy throughout the late fall and winter season; rake up those leaves!!! Fallen leaves are not good for your grass, so if you would like your grass to be green and healthy in the spring, Ken-Mulch suggests raking and throwing out the fallen leaves. If You Decide to Plant Something New If you do decide to plant anything new in the month of November, here are some helpful tips that will ensure that your plants, trees, and shrubs will survive through the winter. Insulating Your Plants During the cold winter months, insulating your plants with mulch or rock is a must to keep your trees, plants and shrubs alive. Wrapping Your Trees Wrapping your trees is essential during the winter. Wrapping your trees protects it from deer rubs and frost cracking which could totally ruin your trees trunk. Going out and buying a roll of burlap and spraying the trunk with anti- desiccant spray can make a huge difference. You Still Have To Water, But Be Careful! Even though it is cold, you still need to water your plants a little bit. After you water though, make sure all of the water in the hose is gone to prevent water freezing and ruining your hose. Trim, Trim, Trim! November is the perfect time to cut everything back for next spring. Things you need to cut back this time of year are roses, perennials and shrubs that have gone wild. Clean Your Tools! Cleaning and oiling your tools can help you in many ways. It can save you a whole lot of money because if you clean your tools, you will not have to worry about the tools rusting or cracking during the winter. Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Landscape Edging Stop in today to shop our selection of Landscape Edging Call today and set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Ken-Mulch offers various types of edging for your landscaping needs. Flex Edging OlyOla flex edging is perfect for bending and turning in walkways, garden beds, and paving stones. Ridged Edging OlyOla ridged edging is perfect for straight line landscaping. Very durable and long lasting for paving stones, garden beds, and walkways. Black Edging Black Edging is perfect for residential and commercial projects. This product is very durable and flexible for all sorts of landscaping needs. Steel Edging Steel edging is an ideal landscape edging for long lasting durability which is perfect for commercial or residential projects. Aluminum Edging Aluminum edging is used for residential projects and is extremely durable and long lasting.

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    GARDEN CENTER Stop in today to pick up your Landscape Materials or Call to set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Our Garden Center has all YOUR products to enhance your Lawn, Garden or Lawn. From Grass Seed to Fertilizers, our knowledgable staff is here to help you with your questions. Click for More Info GRASS SEED Click for More Info LANDSCAPE FABRIC Click for More Info CHEMICALS Click for More Info LANDSCAPE EDGING

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    PRECAST HARDSCAPES For YOUR home project, a multitude of Precast Hardscapes are available. Stop in today to view entire catalog of pavers, retaining walls, patio stone, edging and many other products. Rosetta Fire Pit The round Belvedere Fire Pit Kit balances modern convenience and rustic appearance. Manufactured of wetcast concrete, the texture on the blocks replicates weathered fieldstone but the details, including a cap around the edge, create a finished look for the whole family to circle around. Rosetta Fire Pit With big, bold blocks that mirror snapped limestone, the Kodah Fire Pit Kit creates a modern, square fire pit that has a natural warmth. Unlike contemporary metal designs, the wetcast concrete captures the essence of natural stone and creates the warmth you want in your backyard. Superior Steppers • 8 different shapes for a rustic, authentic stone appearance • Superior Steppers are +/- 27” x 21” wide, with a consistent 2” rise • Various color offerings compliment your existing backyard environment Grand Flagstone With irregular, natural stone shapes, Grand Flagstone slabs will fit like perfect puzzle pieces into your landscaping vision. Your patio or path will blend right in with the great outdoors. Plus, made of wetcast concrete, these pavers and slabs are as durable as they are timeless.

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    GARDEN TOOLS Ken-Mulch carries a wide range of Lawn and Garden Tools along with Wheelbarrows. Stop by today and browse our Garden Center for ALL your Landscaping and Gardening Tools.

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    Stones and Boulders For YOUR home project, a multitude of stones and boulders are available. Stop in today to view our entire stock of boulders and stones. Field Stone Lava Boulders Ore Stones KY Creek Rock Cobblestone Limestone

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    Landscape Fabric Stop in today to shop our selection of Landscape Fabric Call today and set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Ken-Mulch has Landscape Fabric for YOUR residential or commercial landscaping needs. Landscape Fabric Multiple landscape fabrics in residential and commercial sizes. Landscape fabric helps control weeds, soil erosion and moisture . Frost Blanket Frost Blankets will keep your plants safe from frost damage when the temperature drops below freezing. Burlap Burlap can be used for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor projects.