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April Anticipation!

April is by far, one of the best months of the year. Not only does the weather start to change, but spring break is coming! Everyone needs a break. Some may be on the beach for this break, but others can be outside improving their landscape for the rest of the season.

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Pull Them Weeds Out Of Your Landscape!

Once winter is FINALLY over, pull those weeds out as soon as you can! The earlier in the season that you can control your weed problems, the earlier your weed problems will go away! 

The proper way to get rid of weed problems is to remove the entire weed, including the roots out of the ground. After you are done pulling everything out of the ground, put down weed preventer. Preen Weed Preventer guarantees up to 3 months of weed free landscaping!

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Starting Spring Fertilizers

Is your grass looking a little sad? Is the grass a little bit more brown than usual? Are your flowers looking like they need a boost?

Maybe you should start using some fertilizer! The best time to start spring fertilizers is when the temperature starts to be consistently above 55 degrees. This allows the soil to dampen with enough moisture and allows the fertilizer to activate. 

Flower/Plant Fertilizers

-Monty's Growth



-Wide Range of Espoma Products

Grass Fertilizers

- GreenView Lawn Fertilizer

- 10-10-10 Fertilizer

- Lime

- Gypsum

Starting Your Garden

April is the perfect time to start your gardens for the spring. With the warmer weather and rainfall coming, it is a great time to start planting and growing your spring time vegetables. 

If you plan on building vegetable boxes or if you need to put down some new soil, Ken-Mulch offers a perfect gardening soil called Okolona Mix. It is a combination of Topsoil, Sand, Compost and Pine Fines.

Vegetables to Plant in Spring










Time to Start Watering Again!

Time to bring out the hoses and sprinklers and start watering again! Early spring watering benefits your lawn and plants.

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