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Bagged Goods

Cypress Mulch is a double shredded mulch from a cypress tree that is guaranteed to make any area of your landscaping healthy.  3 cubic ft bags.

Cedar Mulch is a mulch that controls weeds in landscape beds and diminishes soil erosion. 

Kids Carpet is a kid friendly mulch that is approved by OSHA and EPA and is commonly used under playgrounds. 2 cubic ft bags.

Pine Fines are a soil amendment that is created from pine trees that properly soils landscaping beds, plants, and trees. 2 cubic ft bags.

Black Mulch is a dyed mulch that is doubled shredded. 2 cubic ft bags.

Potting Soil is potting and compost mixture that is perfect for plants, vegetables, and herbs to grow in a durable container. 2 cubic ft bags.

Hardwood Mulch is a double-hammered, finely ground oak product which is good for using on slopes and in areas where erosion may occur. It helps deter weed growth. It helps to retain moisture in the soil. 2 cubic ft bags.

Red Mulch is a dyed red mulch that is double shredded. 2 cubic ft bags.

Top Soil is used enhance the growth of plants, lawns, gardens and is the vital nutrient cycling on the plant life. 2 cubic ft bags.

Cow Manure is a natural fertilizer that helps the growth of plants. 2 cubic ft bags.

Compost is a natural fertilizer that is composed of the manures of many animals from the Kentucky Horse Farm. 2 cubic ft bags.

Soil Conditioner is a product that soothes the nutrients of plants so that the plants can grow properly. 2 cubic ft bags.