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December Decisions

December is the slow time of year for landscaping. At least for most of us, especially here in Louisville at Ken-Mulch. Cold weather, snow, and sleet really make it hard for anyone to want to be outside working on your landscape. For those somewhat sunny days, here are some tips to keep in mind.

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We Are Back To Houseplants!

If you do not have your houseplants inside by now, they are more than likely dying. Here are some pointers about houseplants that are hopefully already inside your home.

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Watering Houseplants

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You do not have to water your houseplants every single day. Depending on size and type of plant, the typical houseplant only needs to be watered every 7-14 days. 

Sunlight With Houseplants

The recommendation for sunlight for most houseplants is 5-6 hours. Putting plants in window sills or near windows with direct sun is very helpful for houseplants.

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Checking Your Houseplants For Bugs

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When you bring in houseplants, sometimes you can bring in bugs with them. You want to get rid of these bugs as fast as possible because they can multiply fast in warm environments. The way you can get rid of bugs in houseplants is by spraying organic pest control or spraying water and soap mixture and see if that does the trick.

Water Your New Plants!

If you planted any new plants in late fall, find a few times a week to water those new plants. Even when it is cold, new plants need to be established and cared for no matter what the weather is like.

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Keep Raking The Leaves!

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Try to get the leaves off of the lawn before the snow ends up on top of it. Dead leaves are not good for your lawn and if you can get them up before a big snow comes, it will really help the health of your grass. In the spring, your lawn will love you if you pick up those leaves. 

We'll See You Next Year!

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Deliveries Available

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