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Welcome back everyone for this month's blog! It just keeps getting warmer and warmer, so I hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated. Speaking of hydration... YOUR PLANTS NEED WATER! Don't you get thirsty on a hot summer day? Well, surprise! Your plants are as well. 

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Harvest Daily

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Harvest like you have no food in the house! It can be very difficult to judge when to pick those fruits and veggies in the summer. Some helpful advice would be to pick earlier rather than later. Some foods such as cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, and eggplants often taste better when you pick them earlier.

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Give Me the Mulch!

Ken-Mulch sounds like a broken record when we say you need even MORE mulch but you need some more mulch. Summer is a crucial time for re-mulching. This may be confusing because we use mulch in the winter for warming purposes, but in the summer we use it for moisture purposes. Mulch holds water which keeps the plants cool and hydrated. More mulch also means less weeds and lets face it, no one wants to get down on their knees in the blazing hot sun.

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Get Rid of the BUGS!

Here are some helpful tips to get rid of those annoying bugs!

  1. Get a ceiling fan or fan for outdoors.

  2.  Invest in a bird bath.

  3. Remove all litter from house and yard.

  4. Remove all bodies of water in your yard and house.

  5. Use Frog tape to seal small cracks so bugs cannot get into your house.

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Take a Look Around the Neighborhood

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Sometimes it is okay to cheat off of someone else. On a nice cool, summer evening, go take a walk or drive around your neighborhood. A lot of people will have their landscaping looking flawless before their 4th of July parties. This is the perfect time to go out and steal some ideas. Do not be ashamed about it! 

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