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March Madness!

Winter is finally over! March is here and the sun is shining. Hopefully everyone is finally able to go outside! We know, everyone is excited for their favorite basketball teams to play for a National Championship, but that does not mean your yard should not look as good as a game winning shot!

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Developing Your Landscape Plan

Having a plan is essential to start the development of your landscaping. What are you interested in? What type of plants do you want? Are you interested in mulch or rock? Have you measured the area that you are going to be landscaping? Are you going to be doing the work or do you plan on hiring someone? What is your budget? These are all very important questions in regards to starting your landscaping.

Step 1: Research and Budget

Researching for plants that are practical for your landscape can be tough. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate from what you like and what will look good. One thing that you need to remember is that the plants you buy are going to grow and/or look different eventually. No plant ever stays the same. You will need to research the mature growth of every single plant that you plan on purchasing to make sure you do not have a cluttered landscape.

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Ken-Mulch has FREE consultation to help bring your landscape plan to life. With pictures, measurements and sun facings, Ken-Mulch will help you with your design to fit within your budget.

Step 2: Designing Your Landscape

Once you have found plants that you want, it is now time to start designing! Designing a proper layout of where each plant will specifically go is crucial. Eye balling or guessing any measurements can totally throw off ones landscape.

A layout of where everything will go can help prevent mistakes and speed up the process of planting. Knowing where everything is going to go before you do anything outside can save you from wasting time and tons of frustration.

Ken-Mulch will help in this process.

Call us today (502) 964-7222

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Step 3: Buying the Material

Today is the day. You wake up bright and early on a hopefully somewhat cool, sunny morning and are ready to buy your plants! Hopefully your landscape beds are clear, clean and ready to go. 

Ken-Mulch offers a wide variety of landscape rock, mulch and plants to help satisfy any landscaping needs.


Step 4: Planting and Beyond

Step 1: Clean Out Your Landscape Beds!


This is where you will most likely accumulate all of the dirt under your fingernails. Having a clean landscape bed is essential before starting your new landscape. There should be nothing but top soil unless you plan on re-purposing plants that were in your previous landscape. It makes your life a whole lot easier when their is nothing in your way.

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Step 2: Planting!!!

Once you have purchased plants and your landscape beds are clear, it is time to start planting!

-Take the plant out of the pot!

-Loosen the roots on the bottom of the root ball!

-Make sure the plant is in the position you want it to be in!

-Look at the plant from different angles to make sure it is straight.

-Dig a hole 2 times wider than the width of the root ball.

-Dig the hole deep enough to where the top of the root ball is 2" above the ground.

-Once the plant is in the ground, fill in the hole with dirt and/or soil mix.

Step 3: Weed Cloth

After all of your plants are in the ground, you are now ready for putting down weed fabric. Weed Fabric helps prevent weeds from growing or showing in your landscape!

Ken-Mulch has the perfect weed fabric for your project. Make sure to measure your landscape beds to know how many square feet of weed fabric you need.

Don't forget sod pins, they help hold down the weed cloth.

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Step 4: Rock or Mulch

You are on the home stretch! The final step to complete your new, beautiful landscape is to cover the weed cloth with rock or mulch. Ken-Mulch offers a wide variety of rock and mulch to put in your landscape beds. 


You are finally finished! Invite everyone over to show off your new and improved landscaping! It might have taken some time, hard work, and a good amount of money, but I am sure you did a great job and it looks amazing! Send pictures of your finished landscape to Ken-Mulch to brag!

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Deliveries Available

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