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May Mania!

May is the month to do everything! Everything that we have talked about up until this point has prepared you for this month. May is the month where spring is ending and summer is beginning!

may 1.jpg

More Mulch! (or Rock)

May is the time for more mulch or rock! If you already have rock down, you might want to fill in some low spots. If you have mulch, it is the right time of year to replace it!

Benefits to Replacing or Adding

- Holds Moisture

- Plants are insulated in winter

- Keeps roots cool in summer

- Looks clean and neat

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Adding Something New

Do you have an area where you just need something to fill that blank void in your yard or landscaping? Ken-Mulch offers a wide variety of special plants. We encourage everyone to try to plant something new and different. 

may 3.png

Low Maintenance Ideas

may 4.jpg

Are you tired of trimming your plants all of the time? Are you tired of replacing mulch every single year? Here are some low maintenance ideas that will make your landscape look beautiful.


Having rock in your landscape beds rather than mulch can be very beneficial and save you money. Many people think that rock does not have the same benefits as mulch does. When in reality, rock and mulch are one in the same. Rock is an economical alternative to mulch.

may 5.jpg
may 6.jpg


-Hetzi Midget (Pictured)

-Ornamental Grass

-Miniature Pine Trees


-Juniper Shrubs

-Day Lily's


Check Your Watering Equipment

Checking your watering system is essential after winter. Cracked nobs, seals, and leaks will not only be a problem for your plants but will also be a problem for your water bill. 

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Deliveries Available

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