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  • Zebra Rock | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $120 per scoop ​ Zebra Rock ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ This white rock with black stripes and shiny flakes will make your landscape glisten!

  • June Blog | Ken-Mulch

    Welcome to Summer It's summer time! The sun is shining, school is out, and it is time to water those plants! June is the beginning of a dangerous time for plants. Why? Plants can be infested with summer bugs. Plants can also die easily because you may not be watering them enough. In this months blog, I hope we can help you keep all of your plants healthy throughout these hot summer months. Watch Out! The Bugs are Back! Watch out! The bugs are back and they are coming for your plants! There are three bugs that you should be concerned about during the summer months. The June Bug, the Japanese Beetle and the Bagworms. June Bug The June Bug only appears a few weeks per year. It is a small bug, but can do a lot of damage to your plants. They do not bite humans, but they feed on your plants during the night. Although these bugs are nocturnal, they are heavily attracted to light so it would be easy to spot them on your porch at night. ​ To get rid of these pests, it is best to hand pick them and drown them in a bucket of soap and water. Other than that, you can swat them or kill them in any way you deem necessary. Japanese Beetle Japanese Beetles are pack hunters. They travel in very large groups starting in June and prey on your plants all throughout the summer. ​ You will know that your plants are being invaded by Japanese Beetles because they leave holes in the leaves of your plants or you may find a sudden brown patch in your lawn. ​ The easiest way to get rid of these pests are through beetle traps and a chemical called Sevin. You can also hand pick them and drown them in water and soap. Bagworms Bagworms attack both deciduous and evergreens, but their favorite plants are junipers, arborvitaes and pine trees. ​ You can easily spot a bagworm cocoon because it looks like a pine cone. Unless it is on a pine tree, you would know that this particular object is not supposed to be on your plant. ​ You can get rid of bagworms by simply cutting the cocoon off of your plant or you can spray the plant or tree with a bagworm repellent. The best time to spray is in June because the bagworms are small and vulnerable. Get Rid of Those Weeds! This time of year the weeds are spreading like wildfire. You need to keep up with your landscaping and lawn if you want it to be clean. Make sure that you pull the entire weed out, including the roots. Weed Preventers -Preen Garden Weed Preventer -RoundUp Spray Weed Preventer -Bonide Spray Weed Killer Water Them Plants!!! Your kids need water to live every day, so do your plants! This time of year it is best to water your plants twice a day. Once in the early morning and once in the evening when the sun is starting to go down.

  • Rose Granite | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $96 per scoop ​ Rose Granite ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Rose Granite is a beautiful decorative rock that has a unique scheme of colors that include pink, black, and grey.

  • Choco Chips | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $135 per scoop ​ Choco Chips ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ A dark maroon red argillite. Ideal for general landscape applications.

  • Dark Mulch | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $24.95 per scoop ​ Dark Mulch Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft x 2" Deep Scoop = 1/2 cu yd ​ Dark Brown double shredded mulch. ALL bark mulch at Ken -Mulch is ALL natural bark. Our premium shredded bark mulch is a multi-species hardwood mixture that is excellent for upscale landscape projects and developments.

  • HARDSCAPES | Ken-Mulch

    HARDSCAPES Stop in today to pick up your Hardscapes or Call to set up a delivery (502) 964-7222 Ken-Mulch is your headquarters for all YOUR Hardscape needs. With Natural Rock and Pre-Fabricated Concrete, Ken-Mulch is here to help make your backyard or landscape spectacular. Some of the products available: - Precast Concrete - Natural Stone Hardscapes - Concrete Hardscapes - Stone and Boulders

  • February Blog | Ken-Mulch

    It's February! February is the month not only to show love to your favorite people, it is also time to show some love to your plants as well! Soon enough we will be able to take off those cold winter jackets and enjoy those 65 and sunny days. Until then, here are some things you can do in the month of February for your landscaping. Time to Prune Trees! Pruning Trees can be difficult and annoying but it is essential for the health and growth of your tree. We are going to talk about how to trim simple trees and how to avoid making any mistakes. The number one thing that you DO NOT want to do when pruning your tree is to top the tree. ​ Crossing branches, hanging limbs, branches that are close together, stubs, and sucker growth are all things that you need to get rid of before spring time to ensure a healthy tree. Time to Order Seed! It may not be time to order for some people, but it is at least a good time to start thinking about what kind of seed and plants you want to order for the spring. Best Veggie Seeds for Early Spring Potatoes Radishes Beets Turnips Swiss Chard Salad Greens Cabbage Best Grass Seed for Early Spring Falcon V (Best Overall) KY-31 (Best for sun) Contractors Mix (Best for Overall) Creeping Red Fescue (Best for shade)

  • Precast Hardscapes | Ken-Mulch

    PRECAST HARDSCAPES For YOUR home project, a multitude of Precast Hardscapes are available. Stop in today to view entire catalog of pavers, retaining walls, patio stone, edging and many other products. Rosetta Fire Pit The round Belvedere Fire Pit Kit balances modern convenience and rustic appearance. Manufactured of wetcast concrete, the texture on the blocks replicates weathered fieldstone but the details, including a cap around the edge, create a finished look for the whole family to circle around. Rosetta Fire Pit With big, bold blocks that mirror snapped limestone, the Kodah Fire Pit Kit creates a modern, square fire pit that has a natural warmth. Unlike contemporary metal designs, the wetcast concrete captures the essence of natural stone and creates the warmth you want in your backyard. Superior Steppers • 8 different shapes for a rustic, authentic stone appearance • Superior Steppers are +/- 27” x 21” wide, with a consistent 2” rise • Various color offerings compliment your existing backyard environment Grand Flagstone With irregular, natural stone shapes, Grand Flagstone slabs will fit like perfect puzzle pieces into your landscaping vision. Your patio or path will blend right in with the great outdoors. Plus, made of wetcast concrete, these pavers and slabs are as durable as they are timeless.

  • Maylen Black | Ken-Mulch

    Price: $108 per scoop ​ Maylen Black ​ Coverage per scoop: 80 sq ft 2" deep ​ Maylen Black is a beautiful black rock that glimmers in the sun and looks gorgeous in landscapes.